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4 Action Steps for Setting Goals & Getting the Results You Want with Karen Vincent

October 26, 2020

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love Video Podcast!

The featured guest today is Karen Vincent. Karen is a Certified Life Coach, Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Licensed Therapist and a Motivation Expert.

Join us as she shares her 4 concrete, action oriented strategies for goal setting and achievement, and so much more!!!


Her Steps Are:

⭐️Pick a Goal - Make It Specific

⭐️Know Your Why

⭐️Schedule Non-Negotiable Time to Work on Goal

⭐️Motivation Hacks


You don’t want to miss out on these strategies, they are a game changer!


You can connect with her at:






⭐️Karen is graciously gifting all listeners her 5 Day Challenge to Creating a Positive Habit (workbook and video series)

Access it at 👉 https://www.karenvincentsolutions.com/5-day-challenge-to-cr…



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Enjoy the Journey,

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