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Living Smaller, Embracing More with Candice Smiley

March 7, 2022

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love video podcast!
I was excited to connect with Candice Smiley. Candice is a self-proclaimed master manifestor and personal development junkie who loves to engage in interesting conversations with other women, influencers and entrepreneurs. Her favorite conversations are the ones that take courage to engage in.

She spends her time living - in a tiny home (250 sq ft), traveling with her family - speaking - on her podcast and on stages, and sharing candidly with other women how to find love after betrayal, to trust themselves, to speak up for themselves and set powerful boundaries.

Candice loves her essentialist lifestyle for the beauty and freedom it offers her. She knows the power of a good thrift store shop and loves her wardrobe! She has learned the power of saying no, listening to your own heart and speaks openly about subtle abuse as it occurs in relationships. She’s become a voice for listening to your own truth and speaking it powerfully. She knows how to save money, make money online and in creative ways to balance the books as a single mom and yet live your biggest and best life.

We had so much fun digging into topics such as:
⭐️ Trusting the Niggle (Listening to your own inner voice, finding yourself)
⭐️ Boundaries - Setting and Maintaining - the ultimate freedom
⭐️ Essentialism to reduce anxiety, stress and live your best life
⭐️ and so much more!

You can connect with her at:
*Instagram: @candicecreation
*Website: https://candicesmiley.com
*Podcast: https://www.candicesmiley.com/podcast-archive
*Podcast on Instagram @createtheripplepodcast
Books Mentioned:
📚 The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz https://amzn.to/3sxyq1w
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