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Tapping Into a Life You Love with Sarah Nykoruk

August 24, 2021

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love Video Podcast!


The featured guest today was Sarah Nykoruk.  Sarah is an educator, and education coach with over 20 years of experience, a  Master NeuroCoach™, a certified RRT tapping coach, the creator of the Accelerated Transformation Method, and the host of the Teaching Little Brains Podcast.


We had so much fun digging into topics such as:

  • Choose to do what you love more often than doing what you don’t love 
  • All emotions are ok - nothing’s gone wrong - how to FEEL our emotions
  • Using RRT Tapping to process and move through emotions
  • and so much more!!


You can connect with Sarah at:



Sarah created an amazing resource to help you get started with RRT Tapping today!  Check it out at:

👉 https://bit.ly/RRTfreegift 


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Enjoy the Journey,

Chantal ❤️