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Create a Life You Love: The Mission with Chantal Cox & Guin White (PART 1)

September 12, 2022

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love video podcast!


It's wonderful to officially kick off Season 4 and share the many exciting updates!
A major update is the introduction of Guin White, a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and certified Virtual Coach. You may recognize her from our first collaboration on an episode in October 2021, titled
Guin has been serving as a coach in the Create a Life You Love Membership for a few months now. Her knowledge, insight, and wisdom has been invaluable as we really take the membership to the next level so that our members can ditch the overwhelm and create not only a business…but also a life of impact that they love.
So naturally as I was mapping out Season 4 of the podcast, which has a similar purpose and focus, it only made sense to bring Guin onto here as well so that you too may benefit from the experience and many skills she brings to the table!
On this special episode, we had so much fun "interviewing" each other and sharing:
⭐️ Our journeys of creating a life that we love through coaching
⭐️ What “Create a Business and Life of Impact You Love” means to both of us
⭐️ What me being a Master Certified NeuroCoach™ and Guin being a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist means, how we got started, and how we use it in our own personal growth as well as with our clients
⭐️ and so much more!
You can connect with Guin at:
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You can connect with Chantal at:
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Enjoy the Journey,
Chantal & Guin 💕