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Foundations of Success with Chantal Cox

December 17, 2021

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love video podcast!

In today's bonus episode, you will learn the first foundational steps to set YOU up for optimum success in life!


The content is taken from the opening live streamed session of the Purpose and Impact Bootcamp.  No matter when you are catching this episode, go to https://calylroadmap.com/PIB  to get more information on how you can access the rest of the bootcamp content to discover your purpose and create an Impact Action Plan, so that you can begin building momentum, living in alignment, and creating the impact that you are uniquely meant for!


The questions posed at the end of the episode were:

What are your intentions for this bootcamp?

Guiding questions to help you might be:

  • What do I want to get out of the bootcamp?
  • How do I want to show up for myself?
  • What is coming up for me? (Thoughts, Questions, Emotions - name it and tame it)
  • What’s the best that could happen?


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The host of the podcast, Chantal Cox, is the author of "Create a Life You Love: 10 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life Now," and founder of Create a Life You Love Coaching. She specializes in helping women connect with their purpose so that they can live an aligned and fulfilling life of impact.


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