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Human Design: The Ultimate Coaching Tool

November 21, 2022

Business isn't supposed to be exhausting or make you feel miserable! 👀

This week Guin White shared how to use Human Design as the ULTIMATE coaching tool!

Human Design gives you the tools and information to know:
😎How to recognize the underlying sources of self-sabotage and procrastination and learn exactly what to do about them.
😎All behavior has a purpose and when you can help your client discover the reason, you can create lasting change.
😎How to structure your coaching practice to do the work you love, make the money you want, and avoid the biggest pitfall of being a coach – burnout!
😎Coaching with this model leads to more joy as you see your clients grow with ease and experience that same growth in yourself!

👂🏼Human Design can help you and your clients silence the noise and pressure from the outside world and enable you to connect to, listen to, and trust Your Truth.

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