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The Uncanny Link with Vaishali Nikhade

November 16, 2020

Welcome to today’s episode of the Create a Life You Love Video Podcast!
The featured guest today was Vaishali Nikhade, the Go-To Expert for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to see through the future because in today's times, most are confused, panicked and unsure.
Vaishali also hosts a podcast called 'The Uncanny Link' where physics meets metaphysics or science meets woo.
We had so much fun digging into topics such as:
⭐️How she went from being an engineer to growing a thriving business as a psychic
⭐️How to tell if a psychic is legit or a fake
⭐️She even did a live reading on one of the audience participants!
You can connect with her at:
⭐️⭐️Vaishali is graciously offering her Creativity Quiz for FREE, check it out at: 👉theuncannylink.com/creativityquiz
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